Ozark Mountain Country
2 Area Vintage Base Ball Teams

Thank you for your interest… You have the opportunity to be a part of the 1st ever Vintage Base Ball Teams in Ozark Mountain Country!  We are all on a “learning curve” on how to launch all of this (we are in contact and are being coached by the National Vintage Base Ball Association Leadership Team) and we are excited to have you join this fun and impacting venture!

Below are dates for the upcoming Vintage Base Ball Teams Practices and Matches:


Please join for an informational meeting to discuss the items below:

Team Names:
Branson Country Boomers

Ozark Mountain Legacies

Games: We will initially play 6-8 games per year… Having two teams in the area allows the teams to play each other. In order to be a member of the VBBA (Vintage Base Ball Association) – we need to play 6 games per year. Hosting the Legacy Days Vintage Base Ball Festival here in November will give us the opportunity to play 4 of matches at that time.

Friday, Nov 10 – Matches, 5:30-7:00pm (Ballparks of America)
Saturday, Nov 11, 4:00pm (Branson Rec Plex)
Saturday, Nov 11, 6:00 (Branson Rec Plex)
Saturday, Nov 11, 7:30 (Branson Rec Plex)
Sunday, Nov 12, 10:00am (Branson Rec Plex)
Sunday, Nov 12, 12pm (Branson Rec Plex)
Sunday, Nov 12, 2pm (Branson Rec Plex)
Sunday, Nov 12, 4pm (Branson Rec Plex)

Practices: Please view Practice Schedule below and RSVP at the link above for ANY that you can attend (even if it is only ONE)

October 9, Monday – 6:30-8:00pm (Ballparks of America)
October 14, Saturday – 4:00-5:30pm (Stockstill Park)
October 16, Monday – 6:30-8:00pm (Ballparks of America)
October 23, Monday – 6:30-8:00pm (Ballparks of America)
October 28, Saturday – 4:00-5:30pm (Stockstill Park)
October 30, Monday – 6:30-8:00pm (Ballparks of America)
November 8, 6:30-8:00pm (Ballparks of America)
November 9, 6:30-8:00pm (Ballparks of America)


Rules: Our teams will be equipped to play by the 1860’s rules. We may also learn the 1858 and 1869 rules so that as we play other teams from different years, we are equipped.
IMPORTANT: Please take the time to read and thoroughly understand all 1860s rules here: http://vbba.org/rules-and-customs/1860-beadles-rules-with-interpretation/

Traveling: We may have 1 team that will travel to play other teams and 1 team that will play teams that travel here. The teams closest to us are in Topeka, KS and the St. Louis area.

Cost: Our goal is to have minimal costs.
We are just asking that each player cover the costs of their vintage pants (approx. $27) and that each player provide their own black playing shoes with minimal logos.
We will cover the shirts, hats, vintage balls and vintage bats.
Please help us contact local businesses for donations to help defray some of these costs.

Important: Legacy Days Festival: November 10-12, 2017 – Our Teams will be hosting the Legacy Days Vintage Base Ball Festival… Following is the Tentative Schedule that we would commit to:

Friday: 11/10/17For teams coming in Friday:

3:00 – Meet and greet at Ballparks; 1000 Pat Nash Drive, Branson, MO 65616
5:00 – Base Ball Demonstration for Veterans and Community. Branson teams will play each other.
6:30 – Meet and Greet for all Team members (food provided). Base Ball activity/speaker… JET room at Ballparks of America.

Saturday: 11/11/17

9:30 or 10am – meet at Veteran’s parade staging in Downtown Branson for teams or individual team members who are able to help with this activity. (Optional for individuals or whole teams. We will send you the location in advance, and have that information for you on Friday.)
11:00am – Branson Veterans Parade (details to follow)
12:30 – Family Time for teams who bring their families.
3:30 – Head to Rec Plex
4:00 – help clear Soccer Fields (There will be soccer matches going on and they will need help clearing the fields. We will clear one field at a time and immediately begin play.)
4:30 – 9:30 pm: Matches at soccer fields at Rec Plex. (There will be lights and we will use a light colored ball.)
4:00-5:30 Approx. (2 fields) – Vintage Base Ball Games 6:30-7:30 potluck supper get together to meet and greet other teams and host groups.
6:00-7:30 Approx.(2 fields) – Vintage Base Ball Games
7:30-9:30 Approx. (2 fields) – Vintage Base Ball Games

Sunday: 11/12/17

9:00 – Optional “Brush Arbor” Church service at Rec Plex/Pavilion for Ball Players (old-fashioned church service like they used to have here in these hills.) This is optional & non-denominational. This would be keeping with the set of core values the host City has identified, “Core Values to Champion Family, Faith, Friends, Flag and Future.” This is a way to serve the players as encouragement, to pray for their safety, team spirit & their families & provide a fun way to link how life was like in the past to the present.
10-noon approx. 2 fields – Vintage Base Ball Games
Noon -2 pm approx. 2 fields – Vintage Base Ball Games
2:00 – 4 pm approx 2 fields – Vintage Base Ball Games
4:00 – 6 pm approx. 2 fields – Vintage Base Ball Games

Depending on the final total number of teams, we are hoping that each team will be able to play 3 full nine frame matches. We will use authentic 1860 rule base ball with running, stealing, and leading off.

We are very excited to bring the team together. These teams will operate as Ambassadors of our unrivaled Ozark Mountain Country. We look forward to meeting you and bringing the Brand of Vintage Base Ball alive to our locals and visitors. See You Soon!

It’s time… to PLAY BALL!
Jory Rolf, Director – Ozark Mountain Legacy
Charlie Huston, Branson Fire Chief
Bobby Sutcliffe, General Manager, Ballparks of America
Ted Martin, Branson Fire Chief

www.LegacyDays.org | play@legacydays.org | 417.598.1314